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City of Dayton Government

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Mayor Dave Bills

Dayton is served by an elected Mayor and 5 member City council.  Elected officials serve a 4 year term. An appointed full-time City Clerk and a part-time City Deputy Clerk handle the City's

day-to-day operations.


The Council Meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month.  The meetings start at 7:00 p.m. at City Hall. 

All are welcome to attend.

Dayton is a hidden gem.  Tucked in southeast Webster County, this small town features big city amenities like world-class high speed internet, a full-time police force, and an excellent school system.   Add to this the 82-year-old Dayton Rodeo—one of the largest rodeos in Iowa—and we think you’ll agree with us that Dayton is a very special place indeed. 

            In Dayton, we invest in our children.  The Dayton Elementary school—part of the Southeast Valley School District—recently built a brand-new addition that houses, among other things, an award-winning preschool and day care.  We also value senior citizens in Dayton, not only offering affordable housing options and a full-equipped long-term care facility, but also many social opportunities for those 55+ including the BASE Senior Fitness Class, the Dayton Dreamers club, and partnerships with RSVP—Retired Senior Volunteer Program.

            In between childhood and retirement, Dayton offers the slower speed of country living with some of the fastest, most advanced internet in the country.  Folks can join the telecommute trend and work from home, sitting on a quiet porch, enjoying a cup of coffee, and watching the children walk down the street to school.  The Dayton Community Club and other groups in Dayton plan fun activities all year round including horse drawn sleigh rides in the park in December, a Ladies Night Out in October, and free concerts in the park in the summer. The golf course at Oak Park is one of most challenging and most beautiful in Iowa and even features a restaurant.

            In addition, Dayton has three churches and numerous businesses for your shopping pleasure.  No need to leave town to do your shopping—we have it all right here in town.   

            We cordially invite you to Dayton:  a small town with big amenities and friendly people—and a world-class rodeo to boot!


History of Dayton Post Office


The Dayton Post Office was established on June 17, 1858.  It was established under the name of West Dayton.  The name changed on November 8, 1877.  There has been several postmasters since the Post Office opened.  Up to 1945 there had been 14 postmasters.  Kate C. Warner had been a postmaster in Dayton for 49 years.  She started out helping her father so she actually worked for the Dayton Post Office for 54 years.  Miss Warner had been postmaster through 9 different Presidents, Cleveland; McKinley; Roosvelt; Taft; Wilson; Harding; Coolidge; Hoover and Roosevelt.

The Dayton Post Office started out as a 4th class office.  It was advanced to 3rd class in 1907 and

advanced again in 1953 to 2nd class.

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