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Schools in Dayton

The pioneers did not neglect the education needs of their children.  A school was built in Dayton in the summer of 1857.  Charles Gustafson and Gustas Ruston built the school for $265. Teachers were only paid $25 a month. The first semester of school there were 8 students.  The independent school district was organized in 1872, made up of sections 13-14 and 24 of Dayton township.  By 1876, the school house was not adequate for the ever increasing enrollment, so a new building was constructed for the sum of $1200.  The building east of the light plant was the next school, built in 1885.  The school house had two rooms, one above the other.  Two identical rooms were added to the school in 1889, when the graduation course was added. Tuition rates were set at $1.50 for high school and $1.00 for the grades.  The Consolidated District was formed in 1919.  The High School was completed in 1920 and the auditorium was added in 1939.  Construction of  the current building was completed in 1965, with the east wing addition added in the 1980s.  

Dayton is currently part of the Southeast Valley School District as part of a whole grade sharing arrangement. There are school buildings in Dayton, Gowrie, Farnhamville, and Burnside.  To learn more about the Southeast Valley School District please click on their link:

The Dayton building houses preschool-4th grade, as well as an award-winning daycare center.  

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