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Utilities can be paid in person, online or over the phone. A service fee will added to all payments made online or over the phone. 

Housing, Business, Utility Programs

For Residential housing construction or additions, the City of Dayton offers property tax abatement; or possible down payment assistance for new construction meeting cost, income, and location guidelines.  Tax abatement is also available for commercial construction or additions.  The City can also provide infrastructure improvement or expansion for new construction.  Rebates are available from the City for replacement or new installation of central air conditioners, heat pumps, electric resistance heating, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, and clothes washers.  There is also a program to pick up old working refrigerators, freezers and window air conditioners, and pay the owner $25.  Electric water heaters are also available for purchase at discounted prices.

Utility deposits for new customers are $100 with a good credit reference from another utility, and $350 without a good credit reference.  Please contact the City Clerk's Office for an application at 515-547-2711.

In Person

202 1st Ave SW

Dayton, IA 50530


Over the Phone


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